Hilton Head Island Bird Watching

Only few places on earth were blessed to have some of the most interesting wildlife, and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is one of them. Several reports and claims were already given, encouraging people to visit the island to witness everything about the wildlife. Well, of the opportunities given, bird watching is so far one of the most considered.

Hilton Head Island bird watching is an interesting and exciting event. It allows you to witness everything from the most native birds to some of the rare species. And, what’s great to know about the Hilton Head Island bird watching activity is that you can experience how it feels like to be in a haven full of birds chirping from here, there and everywhere.

There is one main fact to note about Hilton Head Island bird watching – the birds in Hilton Head can be divided into two categories: inland and shore birds. The good news now is that both of these categories can be found in some of the island’s most visited wildlife preserves. Also, people can enjoy an ultimate Hilton Head Island bird watching experience even at the island’s pristine beaches where some of the worth seeing species can be found.

Speaking of species, a Hilton Head Island bird watching activity can give you the chance to witness small and large species of birds, common or rare. The smallest of the available birds in Hilton Head are the Piping Plovers. These birds can be seen running and walking along the island’s tide line. What nice to know about these birds is that they run and walk so fast that you can see their legs in a blur. There are also the Sandpipers and Sanderlings. You will be delighted as to how big and small they are, and just like the Piping Plovers, they run so fast.

The opportunity that a Hilton Head Island bird watching can give is not just limited to that. If you will join one of the Hilton Head Island bird watching tours, you can witness some of the cutest egrets in South Carolina. You can find these species in some of the island’s lagoons and marshes, although there are a few that makes their appearance on the beach. Unlike the egrets found in other areas in the world, the egrets in Hilton Head are large and white in color. They are also long legged and have a long and skinny neck. Of the available species, the Great White Egret is said to be the largest. You can distinguish it from the rest because of its yellow beak, compared to the smaller breeds which have a black beak.

Other notable birds found in Hilton Head Island include the ibis, wood stork, brown pelicans, anhingas, cormorants, gull, tern, black skimmer, osprey, eagle, cardinal, mocking bird, sparrow, woodpecker, wren, chickadee, grackles, and a lot more. For a more ultimate Hilton Head Island bird watching experience, head your way to Audubon Newhall Preserve or to Sea Pines Forest Preserve to witness much of these species.

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