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Once the gold watch has been awarded and the first Social Security check has been deposited to the bank account, most people think the day has finally arrived when they can pack their bags and go see the world. After all, the kids are grown and the income has been secured, so they are free at last!

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And it’s true — or at least mostly true. More and more seniors are “hitting the road” today than ever before. Many seniors have invested in self-contained travel coaches so that they can travel at their own speed, in comfort, and avoid the necessity of renting hotel accommodations every night. They could go visit friends and relatives without having to be houseguests. It was a really great idea — until the price of gas went through the roof. When that happened, driving big travel coaches that get only 8-10 miles per gallon of gas became too expensive.

Still, seniors have time to travel, and if their wanderlust hasn’t been satisfied, a little thing like the price of a gallon of gas isn’t going to stop them from traveling. They have time to smell the roses — and see the fields of bluebonnets in Texas and see the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. So they go, but not in those big, comfortable travel coaches. They go in their automobiles. Their trips might be shorter and less frequent, but their trips haven’t stopped — and they won’t.

More and more seniors are learning to take advantage of the discounts that hotels and restaurants offer to seniors. Seniors are opting for group travel and group tours that cost far less than individual travel. The tour companies are happy, and the seniors are very happy.

Group trips and tours allow seniors to meet other seniors, and friendships are formed as the miles go by!

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