Tips for Business Travel


Business travel is one of those necessary evils of doing business. Business travelers accumulate frequent flyer miles at an amazing rate. But traveling for business isn’t hassle free. Even the most experienced business traveler can have travel problems just like those who only travel occasionally. Business travelers aren’t immune to all of the common travel problems. But here are a few suggestions that might make business travel a little easier, and even a bit more pleasant.

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* Book your flights as far in advance as possible. Print and keep the confirmation, because (surprise) online booking systems can fail and you can be left needing to prove that you are actually on the right flight and in the right seat.

* Choose your seat. When you book your flight, you can choose your seat. If you’ll pay attention to such things as the closeness of seats to galleys, restrooms, and even to other seats each time you fly, you’ll soon know which seat is the most desirable. And if you book early enough, you can book that seat.

* Be sure you know (and abide by) the airline company’s rules regarding bringing telecom equipment on board. Some countries do not allow personal devices to be imported.

* Never, ever, ever put your laptop in your checked luggage. Baggage handlers aren’t known for their gentle treatment of checked luggage. Keep your laptop with you whether you plan to use it on the flight or not.

* Buy a carry-on bag that’s large enough to hold your laptop, a change of clothes, personal hygiene products, paper, pens, pencils, and other important materials. You want a carry-on bag that has a handle as well as a shoulder strap and backpack straps.

* Pack an Ethernet cable. Many hotels have ports for broadband, but they run out of the cables pretty quickly.

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