Cheap or Free Air Travel

cheap or Free Air TravelDid you know that you could fly to London for a hundred bucks? I’ll bet you didn’t know that you could fly to Hong Kong for $300. And I’m certain that you didn’t know that you could fly to Mexico for free. “Free!” I do love that word!

The two magic words that can get you this ultra cheap or even free airline travel are “air courier.” Traveling as an air courier only requires signing up and being willing and able to travel light (very light) and on short notice. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? When you travel as an air courier, you are actually a delivery person who has been hired by a delivery company to escort cargo by plane. The only personal luggage that you can take with you is one carry-on bag. The delivery company will use the cargo space allotted for your luggage to transport goods or documents.

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You must meet with a representative of the delivery company before you board the plane to receive instructions, and then you must follow those instructions. It usually means that you will meet with another representative at your destination and give him whatever paperwork the first representative gave you. That’s IT!

It’s not illegal, either. You don’t transport drugs or contraband. Using air couriers has proven to be a very cost-effective method of transport for many companies around the world. It’s cheaper to pay part or all of your passenger fare and gain access to your baggage allotment than it is to buy the same space at commercial rates. And it’s also proven to be very cost-effective travel for those who have more wanderlust than money to indulge themselves. It’s a win/win situation for both the delivery company and the air traveler!